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We prepare, on request, appetizers of your choice for your next party or meeting. Allow us the opportunity  to offer you seasonal appetizers. Our Chef will help you from our list of appetizers.

Cold Appetizers • Balsamic tomato and bocconcini skewers $ 25 per dozen • Vegetarian spring roll platter ($40) or chicken ($50 with Thai sauce (approximately 40 bites) • Academy’s own pâtés platter +- $60, • Academy smoked salmon platter with tartar sauce +- 75 $ • Cheese platter+-$75, crackers, jelly and grapes • Vegetable platter with our house dip $40 • Fruit platter with maple syrup dip $40 • Mango and tomato salsa with tortillas $25 (approximately 1 litre of house salsa) and tortillas) • Shrimp skewers with dip (26 $ per dozen) or if you prefer a platter ($65 per platter of approximately 2lbs of shrimp - for about 25 people) • Mexican dip and chips $50 (for about 25 people) • House Guacamole with chips $40 (for about 25 people) • House Hummus trio and chips $ 40 (for about 25 people) • Cold sandwich pieces (ex smoked chicken with spicy mayo, smoked chicken club with house smoked bacon) price per sandwich $6.95 (cut in 3 or 4 pieces) Hot Appetizers • Thai chicken or pork skewers $24 per dozen • Quesadilla chicken bites $24 per dozen • Mushroom crostini $ 20 per dozen • Mini quiche lorraine or roasted vegetable quiche $ 24 per dozen • Duck confit crostini with caramelized onions $26 per dozen • Pulled pork mini sliders $25 per dozen • Mini oven roasted vegetable pizza $22 per dozen • Mini smoked chicken with BBQ sauce and fondant cheese $24 per dozen • Hot sandwich pieces (ex chicken pesto, St-Albert cheese and apple) price per sandwich $6.95 (cut in 3 or 4 pieces) Salads : portions per person: 100 g (with a full meal) • Coleslaw $2.15 per person • Two quinoa salad $2.50 per person • Mixed beans salad with dressing $2.25 per person • Small potato salad with fresh dill and Academy’s own smoked bacon $2.50 per person • Pasta and vegetable salad with pesto or Caesar dressing $2.00 per person • Orzo and vegetable salad with slightly spicy dressing $2.00 per person • Farro (ancient grain) salad with nuts and dried fruits with a citrus dressing $2.25 per person • Pearl couscous, rice and vegetable salad with Asian dressing $2.50 per person • Mesclun and small vegetables salad with a house maple or garlic dressing $2.00 per person • Spinach, strawberry, caramelized nuts salad, goat or boursin cheese, with a red wine dressing $3.00 per person • Carrot salad $2 per person • Broccoli salad $2.50 per person Note : 200 g = 250 ml salad container Dessert platter Your choice of: Carrot cake, Queen Elizabeth cake, Apple caramel cake, Chocolate zucchini cake, variety of squares, variety of cookies (cowboy, almond, chocolate chip, oatmeal) Price is based on whether you prefer a whole cake or a platter with a variety of cakes and cookies. Recommended bites per person: 2 to 4 appetizers per person if served 30 to 60 minutes before meal 5 to 6 appetizers per person if served 1.5 to 2 hours before meal 8 to 10 appetizers per person if served 2 to 4 hours before meal 12 to 15 appetizers per person if served 4 or more hours before meal or if served instead of a meal Note : Serving cheese, pâté and vegetable and dip platters will reduce the number of appetizers per person required.

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