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Christmas Menu 2015group

Veal blanquette Detail
Beef Bourguignon Detail
Beef Carbonnade Detail
Smoked salmon chowder Detail
Cream of carrot Detail
Cream of mushrooms Detail
Duck leg confit in a small berry sauce Detail
Desserts Detail
Pork tenderloin in a maple and mustard sauce Detail
Lamb shanks braised in red wine and rosemary sauce Detail
Seafood lasagna Detail
Pork loin stuffed with sausages and a Port and apple sauce Detail
Chicken breast with a mushroom sauce Detail
Squash and apple soup Detail
Sweet potato and curry soup Detail
Chicken stuffed with asparagus and cheese with a wine wine sauce Detail
Meatballs and pork hocks ragoût with meatpie Detail
Veal stuffed with spinach and prosciutto witha a goat cheese sauce Detail

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