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Cooking classes for children and adults

Our leading-edge cooking school, located in the Ottawa area, provides a relaxing and friendly environment where you will learn everything you need to know about food. Join us to learn new recipes. 


Cooking classes for the fun of learning


Thai food perfect for chilly nights

Thai food perfect for chilly nights
Wednesday 23 February
from 6 pm to 9 pm


Thai Food Perfect for Chilly Times.  

Join Chef Thuy Nguyen tonight for a hands-on cooking class and prepare these delicious dishes to warm you up in the winter. 
We will make a light refreshing 4 course dinner combining fresh veggies, herbs, and fruit.  Start with this wonderful appetizer Mah hor (Galloping Horses).  Move on to a warm Tom Yum chicken noodle bowls, and Thai drunken noodle with beef (This dish is highly popular in Thai restaurants).  For the dessert try Thai mango, banana sushi rolls with coconut and mung bean sauce with a twist of Chef Thuy. 

NOTE: proof of vaccination is required to attend.

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