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Cooking classes for children and adults

Our leading-edge cooking school, located in the Ottawa area, provides a relaxing and friendly environment where you will learn everything you need to know about food. Join us to learn new recipes. 


Cooking classes for the fun of learning


Thai food for a long life

Thai food for a long life
Tuesday 8 June
from 6 pm to 9 pm


The flavors of Thai food for the month of April will warm your heart, soul and mind.  We will start with a Thai green salad with my twist: green avocado/kiwi sweet and sour fish sauce which will benefit your liver, heart and body.  Going to the North this is a dish you must try! Tasty chicken Laap topped off with some fun angel crispy bean noodles which pairs perfectly with a green salad.  Moving on to Gang Jay ( vegetarian yellow curry) boosted by the aroma of lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and coconut flavor with lots of root and  other vegetables: taro roots, sweet potato, squash, mushroom, pineapple and more. Have a bowl of this curry and you will never miss your meat dishes! However, feel free to add meat to this dish if desired when you make this again at home.  We are going to have the curry with tossed cellophane noodles and sip of a staple drink: coconut tropical fruit drink with basil seeds.  GF, DF, Vegetarian and Vegan also welcome for this class.  We will make a batch of sweet and sour fish sauce, as well as dried tofu curls will be substitute for the vegan for vegetarians and vegan.   But be sure to contract us ahead to let us know your food restriction.      

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